Jan Senderek

YC Alum, founder of Loom

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Files and folders

I used my first desktop in the 80s, which makes me part of the generation that learned to manage content with files and folders organized by type - documents, photos, music, so on. Today, when I purchase a brand new computer, I will still find pre-populated folders for my content, organized by type. It’s then expected that I organize my list of files into these folders and sort them by its format, extension, size, and creation date. Managing my file system became an art. But this is 2013. The way I’m creating, consuming, and sharing content today is painting a completely different picture of content management. Now that I am moving towards using mostly smartphones and tablets, I’m experiencing a paradigm shift from what was ‘a file’ to what is simply– content.

Kids today who start out with iPads and iPhones will never or rarely be in touch with a file or a folder. They won’t care about...

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Fixing photo management

There’s been a lot of buzz in the market about photo management and cloud storage solutions. Google, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft - all are currently experimenting with some sort of solution for their users. At the same time, a lot of people are voicing their dissatisfaction with current photo management and personal cloud storage solution options in the market. Things seem to be only working half right. I’ve experienced this first hand through my own usage of current photo management service providers and direct feedback from our users.

I love photos, love having them on me. Since I bought an iPad, I’ve found myself wanting to be able to access and edit my photo library on it. It’s the perfect device for viewing photos but at the same time I cannot access my photos on it. It’s also a let down that my iPhone hits storage capacity so quickly and keeping photos in sync across my iOS...

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